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Kyle Boddy, owner of Driveline Baseball and Driveline Biomechanics Laboratory, has developed the most concise, complete, and flexible training program specifically tailored to youth baseball pitchers.  No product on the market adequately services the youth pitcher with elite training methods that are proven to help improve fastball velocity, command, control, arm strength, arm speed, durability, and health.

Stop Wasting Your Time and Money on Generic Programs

The Dynamic Pitcher is a completely NEW way of developing elite youth baseball talent. Unlike other run-of-the-mill programs, The Dynamic Pitcher was designed and written using:

  • Thousands of hours in the Driveline Biomechanics Laboratory, where movement patterns of not only pitching, but training were analyzed.
  • All relevant peer-reviewed research on baseball pitching mechanics and training – no more guesswork from coaches passing down “common wisdom.”
  • Hundreds of athletes going through our program, refining it, and discarding the garbage that doesn’t work.

The Dynamic Pitcher

“Kyle’s understanding of what movement patterns and training modalities lead to a healthy and durable pitcher is truly world class.”
Trevor Bauer, Cleveland Indians - 3rd pick in the 2011 MLB Draft
Are You Looking for a Program That:
  • Develops velocity safely in youth pitchers?
  • Reduces arm fatigue in position players AND pitchers?
  • Gives young pitchers a way to pound the strike zone?
  • Allows you to set up a highly efficient practice plan so you’re not wasting time on the field?

Back in 2006, I decided that I wanted to coach youth baseball with the intention of coaching at the high school level. Like you, I started teaching the same stuff I was taught when I played baseball:

  • Show the ball to the second baseman
  • Get the arm up
  • Bend your back
  • Lifting weights is bad
  • Throwing weighted baseballs is definitely bad
  • You need to take months and months of time off to let the arm rest

However, I was frustrated with the results – just like I’m sure you’ve been. I kept asking myself:

Why did my guys get hurt? Why couldn’t they throw a strike? And why did the kids down the street who played burnout and long toss all the time have better arms than my guys who took lessons all the time and followed a strict program out of a book by a professional baseball player?

It was then that I was determined to develop a program that would all but bulletproof a pitcher’s arm while giving them the best chance to have world-class stuff on the mound. After years and years of iteration, design, development, and throwing out the stuff that just didn’t work, The Dynamic Pitcher was born. In that time frame, my clients have gone on to dominate youth, high school, college, and even professional baseball with a vast reduction in injuries.

“I had been corresponding with Kyle Boddy for almost two years when my son suffered his first throwing injury. So rather than signing on to merely increase fastball velocity, we immediately tested Kyle’s approaches to rehabilitation and transition from rehab to development. The synthesis Kyle provided in addition to the care provided by my son’s Doctor and Physical Therapist enhanced my son’s recovery and return to throwing. I am convinced that what Kyle added to the standard PT and throwing prescription not only got my son ready to compete again, but raised him to a new level of performance and confidence in his first high school baseball season.”
David Hirsh, Father of Jacob Hirsh, 14U pitcher
Talent – You Aren’t Just Born With It!

You hear that all the time – Jimmy has a ton of natural talent, and boy, Billy can really throw hard. You start to wonder if your average-sized son will ever catch up. I can assure you of this: He definitely won’t if he keeps doing what everyone else is doing! If you do what everyone else does, you get what everyone else gets – average results. It is becoming more and more evident that so-called “talent” is really just tons and tons of deliberate practice that is structured around a very precise training program.

That’s what The Dynamic Pitcher offers to you – an extremely solid training program that has been evaluated by doctors, physical therapists, pro athletes, parents, and even biomechanical engineers! We sought out as much expert opinion as possible to not only get the best information, but to fact-check ourselves. You won’t find another coach or trainer out there who questions his own beliefs like I do to get the best possible results for my clients.

“I came across Kyle’s website when I was researching pitching mechanics. Since then, I have watched his website transform into a training facility which is drawing national attention. I have seen Kyle integrate biomechanics and training to develop a pitching program which will help improve performance and minimize injury risk. His training philosophies and ideas come from sound scientific reasoning which sets him apart from his counterparts.

I have yet to meet a trainer who incorporates as much biomechanical research into training as Kyle does. Kyle is the wave of the future for baseball training and I highly recommend him to all of my baseball clients.

Andy Lodato MPT, CMPT, c. MDT – Owner of PhysioCare PT

“Kyle is the real deal when it comes to understanding the way things work. All my pitchers will be going there for sure!

Dr. Vin Santoro, ShoulderWorks

To further my understanding of both pitching mechanics as well as pitching training methods, I continued my quest for knowledge. I read tons of research papers, textbooks on functional anatomy, interviewed biomechanical experts, took physical therapy classes, studied under world-class manual therapists, and one thing kept bothering me – a lot of the stuff I was being told was simply just assumed to be true! I’m not a guy that likes to assume, because you know what they say about people who assume…

So I did what any normal, well-adjusted coach would do. I designed and built my own biomechanics laboratory to study pitching mechanics and pitching training in detail.

Biomechanics Lab

I purchased four high-speed cameras and spent hundreds of hours reverse engineering research papers and technical documents just so I could get a better answer as to what I was doing wrong and what I could do better. It was that experience that allowed me to fully appreciate how to design a program from the ground up to maximize the results of our athletes – regardless of their age, skill level, size, or so-called “genetic capability.”

What we found out was truly staggering. Almost everything people thought was true was simply not true – and even books and training methods written based on OTHER “biomechanical studies” were totally flawed!

After years of writing about my research findings on my Driveline Baseball blog and Hardball Times featured column, we started training professional pitchers – guys drafted in the first, second, third, sixth rounds, as well as the back-end of the draft! They loved the training methods and begged me to write a book. I told them I was going to first release a book and video set for youth pitchers because I felt the biggest obligation was to develop young arms the right way. Here’s what three of them had to say:

“If we’re doing it at this level, everyone should slowly implement some sort of program as well. I’m looking forward to the off-season for the chance to add more velocity for next year.”
Ryan Buchter, Atlanta Braves - Led all of AAA in strikeout rate in 2013
“If you are a pitcher who is looking to get to the next level then Kyle is the coach to get you there, anything else is just a waste of time.”
Ryan Chapman, New York Mets
“After spending time and training with Kyle for 4 days, I can see why all of his pitchers have made huge gains and stayed healthy. His knowledge of mechanics is second to none. Whether it’s high schoolers or professionals, everyone is on a mission to increase velocity and command, while reducing their risk of injury. If you’re serious about improving as a pitcher, training with Kyle is a no-brainer.”
Jack McGeary, Boston Red Sox - 6th round pick in 2007 (paid 1st round money)
Parents Love The Dynamic Pitcher!
“When I met Kyle Boddy and interviewed him, I immediately knew he was what I was looking for. I was very impressed with the breadth and depth of his knowledge of pitching from anatomical terms to a thorough understanding of the published scientific research on pitching mechanics and related injuries. Kyle’s skill set as a trainer is way beyond what you will find at most batting cage facilities.

Joe Mason, Father of Alex Mason, 15U pitcher

“Driveline Baseball has been a tremendous asset for my son over the past year as he works towards his development as a pitcher. Kyle Boddy is the key reason for his progress and success. Not only has this training added significant velocity to my son’s arm, but more important Kyle has been a great advocate, mentor, and resource in the training.

Kyle was instrumental in helping my son work through some significant shoulder pain, resulting from a strain that took him out of play for nearly three weeks. After going to PT for nearly two weeks, Kyle was able to properly diagnose that the true problem was tightness in the shoulder area and he performed manual therapy on the affected areas over three days. As a result, my son was able to pitch pain free five very strong innings, the following week, in a tournament in Omaha.

It was an amazing turn of events and was proof that Kyle has a great deal of knowledge on the function and care of the arm. If you are looking for a trainer to help your son add significant velocity, have knowledge on the prevention and care for the arm, I would highly encourage you to check out Driveline Baseball. Kyle is a tremendous asset to the baseball community.

Brian Scheerer, Athletic Director of Bonney Lake HS and Father of John Scheerer, 14U pitcher

How The Dynamic Pitcher Will Help You Dominate
The Dynamic Pitcher is a precisely engineered solution to the problem that is plaguing American baseball right now – the fact that more kids than ever are going down with serious injuries while simultaneously the level of play is being dropped to lower and lower standards. No amount of pitch counts, rest days, or fairness doctrines seems to help – injuries are piling up and rest just isn’t the answer.

Player development is at an all-time low in baseball. All the way from Little League to the Big Leagues, pitchers are asked to just go out there and get guys out without giving them any plan on how to achieve that goal, how to keep their arms healthy throughout a long season, or how to develop better velocity to get noticed by the people at the next level. Scouts know what they want, but there’s a huge disconnection between those that watch the game and make evaluations and the those that are in charge of developing that talent.

We need to do better. And that’s what The Dynamic Pitcher was designed to do – to create a robust, complete program that is precise yet flexible for pitchers of all sizes, types, ages, and abilities.

The Dynamic Pitcher covers a huge amount of information in a concise way that won’t confuse you – we get to the point and tell you how to get better, fast. This program covers the following topics in great detail:

  • Dynamic Warm-Up and Mobility – stop wasting time and hurting yourself with static stretching and other boring methods your traditional coaches have you do
  • Resistance Band Training – develop a smart, strong shoulder with these scap exercises
  • Wrist Weights – refine your mechanics AND develop elite endurance using just four of these drills
  • Sand-Filled Ball Throws – build elite arm strength and construct a better “feel” for your mechanics
  • Shoulder Tube Therapy - get warmed up faster and recover from throwing quicker than previously ever thought possible
  • Command, Control, and Pitch Types - learn how to pour in quality strikes using this “Level Up!” program
  • Long Toss Throwing - learn how we modified long toss to make it even more effective


NOTE: The Dynamic Pitcher is a downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the eBook onto your computer. 

If You Are Ready to Get Started, Read On…

The Dynamic Pitcher is now available and it will lay the solid foundation on which you will build your pitching platform. No matter where you go after you complete the first round of the program, you’ll always come back to it and it will have immense value as a constant reference. So if you’re ready to:

  • Put together a highly-efficient and well-organized pitching development plan
  • Start on a path of developing superior fastball velocity
  • Get enough structure in a program without compromising your own individual needs

Then The Dynamic Pitcher system is perfect for you.

When You Order The Dynamic Pitcher, You Get…

The Dynamic Pitcher

Book #1: The Dynamic Pitcher ($129 Value)

You get The Dynamic Pitcher eBook with 121 pages of full-color illustrations and very specific attention to detail on form, function, and planning. This guide will explain all of the exercises, movements, and how you will benefit from all of the information. An overview on functional anatomy, pitching mechanics, and other advanced concepts is included, as well as multiple reviews of publicly-available research on baseball training.

The Dynamic Pitcher eBook covers specific training methods that will improve your pitchers’ arm strength, durability, mechanics, and overall pitchability. Everything is touched on, from progressive dynamic warm-ups to the unique Level Up! strike-throwing system – it leaves nothing out.



The Dynamic Pitcher

Book #2: The Dynamic Pitcher Workout Guide ($49 Value)

You also get The Dynamic Pitcher Workout Guide which has sample workout templates that will help you easily get started with your athletes. Gone are the days of buying a list of exercises in a program and figuring out how to roll it out with your guys; The Dynamic Pitcher Workout Guide shows you how to on-ramp your athletes and efficiently run your practices.

The Dynamic Pitcher Workout Guide doesn’t constrain you from your own independent ideas, however. The training programs in the guide give you enough structure to get started but aren’t meant to be concrete and unchanging. You get ultimate flexibility to tailor your program to your athletes’ needs without losing the overall message of the system.



Video Set #1: The Dynamic Pitcher Training Videos ($99 Value)

While The Dynamic Pitcher has easy to understand high-quality photo sequences for all the movements and exercises, nothing beats video from specific angles demonstrating proper technique. The Dynamic Pitcher Training Video Set is immediately available upon purchase – you’re able to stream them from the members-only site as well as download them for viewing on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. And the best part? They will be periodically updated at NO CHARGE to you. That’s right – new content every so often based on client feedback. You can’t beat that. (Remember, these are online-only videos!)


Our Six Month 100% Money Back Guarantee

Look, I know how many products and services are out there in the baseball industry – I own most of them, and chances are good you’ve been burned by a book, video, or product in the past. Trust me, I’ve been there. That’s why I’m offering a six month, no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee. If you purchase The Dynamic Pitcheruse it for six months, and you’re not totally satisfied, simply contact me and I’ll process a refund right away.

I’ve spent way too many nights sleeping in my facility and biomechanics lab (just ask my wife) trying to get The Dynamic Pitcher just perfect – that’s why I can offer this kind of guarantee. I know you’re going to love The Dynamic Pitcher, and no other baseball coach is more responsive to feedback than I am.

NOTE: The Dynamic Pitcher is a downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the eBook onto your computer. 

FREE Bonus Gifts – Available for a Short Time

For a limited time only, you have an opportunity to grab some outstanding bonuses on top of everything included in The Dynamic Pitcher.

Bonus #1: Diagnosing Mechanical Flaws Using Video Method ($99 value)

Mechanics Analysis

I do a lot of video analysis for pitchers – one of our best-selling services is a complete Biomechanical Video Analysis of an athlete’s pitching mechanics (cost: $150). However, this isn’t practical for most youth pitchers, and frankly, isn’t all that necessary for youth pitchers who don’t have a good grasp on repeatable mechanics. However, simply taking video of a pitcher without understanding what to look for isn’t all that useful, either. In this bonus video set - Diagnosing Mechanical Flaws Using Video – you will learn how to evaluate a pitcher’s mechanics based on the drills laid out in The Dynamic Pitcher and how to best provide guidance on improving their issues.

These are completely new techniques that I’ve never shared with anyone else, but I feel it’s important that coaches and parents out there understand how to evaluate their pitchers’ mechanics and training drills, so I put together this video of me showing good/bad examples of our own athletes in the Driveline Baseball facility and talking over how we are fixing their issues. In my humble opinion, this section alone is worth the price of The Dynamic Pitcher!

Bonus #2: The “Big Four” Shoulder Strengthening Program ($39 value)

Shoulder Pain

Some pitchers just need more shoulder strengthening exercises, and simple resistance band work isn’t going to cut it. But the rotator cuff is not meant for bulking up like a powerlifter – it needs to activate properly to be at its best. That’s why we designed The Big Four exercise program to build dynamic shoulder strength.

You’ll find out how we use reciprocal training and traction exercises to first “clear the map” of the shoulder’s weakness/tightness using two movements, then “build the bridge” using two exercises. It’s worked wonders for our guys, and I know some of your pitchers will benefit from it as well.

Buy Now – The Special Price WON’T Last

While there’s no obligation to purchase right now, The Dynamic Pitcher will NOT be on special pricing for much longer. I’m extremely proud of what my athletes and I have accomplished at Driveline Baseball, and they’ve been bothering me to write a book and release my information to the world so more people can train under this awesome system.

So for the next few days, we’ll be offering The Dynamic Pitcher at a reduced price. Don’t miss out.

Dynamic Pitcher Logo

  • Book #1: The Dynamic Pitcher
  • Book #2: The Dynamic Pitcher Workout Guide
  • Video Set #1: The Dynamic Pitcher Training Videos
  • Bonus #1: Diagnosing Mechanical Flaws Using Video Method
  • Bonus #2: The “Big Four” Shoulder Strengthening Program
  • A full, six-month, no-questions-asked guarantee

That’s a total value of over $400 if added up individually, but if you buy today…

Special Reduced Price:

NOTE: The Dynamic Pitcher is a downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the eBook onto your computer. 

But remember, that special reduced price is only for a few days, then it’s going back to $99.95 (which, of course, is still a heck of a deal – but not as good as today’s deal).

NOTE: The Dynamic Pitcher is a downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the eBook onto your computer. 

The Dynamic Pitcher Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see you get content updates. Is this really a one-time fee or do I pay each month?

A: You are correct that you get content updates, but it really is just a one-time fee. No secret memberships or anything like that.

Q: What age range does The Dynamic Pitcher target?

A: We created The Dynamic Pitcher to target the 8-15 year old age bracket, but it is appropriate for all age levels.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need?

A: The equipment list is covered in The Dynamic Pitcher book as well as the membership site.

Q: I’d like to contact you with my questions.

A: Absolutely – email me at and I’ll answer it as soon as I can.

Q: When does my book ship out?

A: It doesn’t! This is an online-only product and you get instant access as soon as you buy it.

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